We're not just going for beauty. We're going for emotion.

There are plenty of pretty spaces.
What we're going for is unique, daring, impactful. We want people to have an unforgettable experience when they enter your space, and grow your business. 

We work with retail, restaurants and hotels.

It all started in Chicago.

I was standing outside the huge Chicago Disney store, shivering in the freezing cold at 8 am. I was stopping by before heading home, to pick up some presents for my kids.

The store was closed and dark. There were 2 of us standing outside, and they made us come in with our eyes closed. Then, they asked us to count to 3, say a magic word, and open our eyes.

At that moment the whole store lit up. Music turned on, and everything started moving and sparkling.

It's been the closest I've come to traveling back in time to when I was 5.  A totally magical and emotional experience. It still gives me goosebumps when I remember it. 

That's the kind of impact I want to create with every space we design. We take your brand's unique magic and make it come to life.

Josefina Maturana 

Josefina is an interior designer and a key pillar of the business. She's dives in head first to every project to make sure each one is extraordinary. She's ready to jump on every adventure I think of, and also gives projects a feminine note. 

I'm an architect and interior designer, and have been creating impactful spaces for +14 years. 

I love and put my heart into every project.

I want the spaces I create to transport people to another time, emotion, movie or destination.

I live in the south of Chile, near Patagonia. I have 4 young kids that keep me super busy and are a huge source of inspiration!

Francesca Perry

Meet the Team

I want the spaces I create to transport people. To another time, an emotion, a movie or a place. 


I'm inspired by...

Theatre and scenography. What wonderful, memorable experiences are created in a small, dark space. 

My favorite is creating experiences for friends and family. Like an unforgettable Christmas. I use interior design, food and music to create special lifelong memories. 

Making fun and delicious drinks. My top 3 are: Negroni Sbagliato, Gin & Tonic in all its versions, Moscow Mule.